The Witchdoctor

One of my more “unique” taxi drivers was an African witchdoctor.

He would, at certain times of the day or evening, look at the sun through a hair comb. If he happened to be driving at the time, then he would drive while looking at the sun through the hair comb.

He would also put on a construction hard hat and circle his cab while making cutting motions in the air with a pair of hedge trimmers. He did this primarily at the local casinos and strip clubs. I got many desperate calls from casino security imploring me to make him QUIT doing this, because it was unsettling to the casino’s patrons. He apparently also did this at least once at the airport (post 9/11). I heard about that later, after the fact.

No one would do anything to him though because after they learned that he wasn’t crazy- he was a witchdoctor,(I would tell them this after they called to complain and tell me that he must be barking mad…) they were afraid he would shrink their heads, or cast an evil spell on them. So they would say…”can’t you get him to move just a little off the property???”

 He was a wonderful man. Very kind, hard worker, and I liked him a whole lot. I did tell him that he might want to reconsider the hedge clippers though; because I was afraid the casino was going to have him arrested. He then switched to bouncing a soccer ball with a hard hat on.

 People would repeatedly take his cab though. He charged extremely low fares.

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