It’s a Good thing Drunks Bounce.

Posted: January 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

Driver picks up a women from an address in town. She is pretty drunk , but wants to go to a bar a few miles down the road. She climbs into the taxi, which is a minivan, and sits in the rear bench seat next to the door. They proceed to go to the bar. You have to take the highway to get there. They get on the highway and are cruising along doing 65 mph, when she looks at the driver and says” F*ck..your Black…I can’t ride with you..your Black…” and before he can even react, she opens the sliding door on the van and jumps out. She hit the shoulder of the road and bounced off down the highway embankment, rolling into the woods. The driver screeched to a stop in the middle of the highway and left his van there. He ran, in a panic,  down  the highway to the nearby rest stop to get the police. He was afraid the woman was dead, and that they would think he killed her. He explained what happened to the police and a state police officer took him and drove him back to the spot where he left his taxi. The cop went down into the woods where the driver had seen the woman roll. When the cop found her she was conscious. She was just scraped up and bruised, but otherwise unhurt. She was still babbling about not being able to ride with a black guy. That she just had to get out of the cab because the driver was Black. The state police carted her off in the cruiser and told the driver to go home and calm down. He now religiously makes sure the child locks are engaged on the back doors. She is also in the phone bank as “Jane-Jumper Child Locks Always”.

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