H.B. and babymama drama

H.B. had baby mama drama. His baby mama had a new boyfriend that was locked up in prison. The bm (baby mama abbreviation) was telling H.B. that when her new man got out of prison he was gonna kill him. Prison release day comes. True to his word bm’s new man gets released and the first thing he does is get hold of a car and proceed to hunt down H.B. He finds him in the taxi que of a local casino. The newly released inmate pulls up in front of H.B. and get out of his car. He jogs over to H.B. and the two men proceed to start fighting. They trade blows for nearly 10 minutes and then Mr. Former Inmate turns and goes to his car. He puts his hand inside the door while screaming at H.B. “I got somethin’ for you…”  H.B. thinks that he is going for a gun. So H.B. pulls out his own gun and starts popping off shots like a madman in the taxi que line of the casino. People are scrambling everywhere. The police are called and H.B. gets locked up for attempted murder. Mr. Former Inmate get locked back up for parole violation. (He was out a grand total of 5 hours.)  Later that day, H.B.’s current girlfriend calls the office and tries to blackmail us into paying H.B.’s 250 thousand dollar bond, by telling us that she had our 2 way Nextel radio, and the charger for it,  and if we wanted it back we would have to pay H.B.’s bond of 250 grand. We said that’s o.k. she can keep it. We’d buy another one. H.B. was eventually released from jail and the  charges were dropped when it came to light that the guy was actually trying to kill him. I think the police also reviewed the whole incident, which was caught on tape by the casino security cameras. H.B. was banned from the casino for life.

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