Dodged a Bullet Didn’t You?

Posted: January 2, 2012 in Uncategorized
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There are some fares that you pick up and you think “huh, wonder what HIS story is…” This was one of those fares.
I pulled up to the hotel for a fare to the airport. Out comes this very young looking guy and a woman who I initially thought might be his mother. He had no luggage and looked a little stressed. I confirmed that he was going to the airport, and started to drive. His cell phone rang and I overheard this : 
What’s up??..yeah…I’m in St. Louis…well… I was gonna get married…I don’t know dude I was DRUNK…it sounded like a good idea…me and Kelly and Tyler were drinkin’ and they said let’s drive to St. Louis and get married and I said F*CK yeah, I’ll do it I called this girl and we met at the hotel and when I sobered up I spent like an hour in the bathroom cuz I thought SHIT what have I done??? Is she gonna let me outa this….yeah…I called my mom and told her what happened …I was hopin’ she was gonna tell me to just come on home….yeah she got a plane ticket for me and I gave the girl money for the room and for gas to get back home. SSSHIIIIT!! I ain’t NEVER drinkin’ like that again!!!

He had just turned 21 and this happened on his birthday. The girl I thought was his mom was the bride to be.

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