$112.00 cab ride….

Posted: January 2, 2012 in Uncategorized
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‎2 guys go out to a bar looking for some action. They hook up with 2 girls from out of town, who are “sure things”. They get in the girls’ car to ride back to the girls’ house 1 hour away. When they get there they stop at a bar for a couple of drinks before they go on to the house. The girls go on a bathroom break. While they’re gone Friend 1 decides to mess with Friend 2 and tell him the girls are really undercover spies for the feds, so he better be careful…Friend 2 gets spooked , and when the girls come back from the bathroom, he starts to act paranoid and weird to the point the girls get pissed off and leave. stranding them 60 miles away from their car. One $112.00 cab ride later, they are home. Moral: if you are gonna mess with you’re friend make sure that 1. he’s not a borderline psycho after a few beers and 2. that you stay close to home so the cab ride won’t be that expensive should there be an unfortunate outcome. 🙂 Friend 1 saved the receipt from the cab ride and whenever Friend 2 starts acting too superior friend 1 pulls out the taxi receipt and says “$112.00 dollar cab ride-you dumb f*ck! a $112.00 dollar cab ride…..”

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